I have been a regular reader of MCCCARS mail and have been a very interested member since I joined. I'm not much of a research person though so I remained rather passive.I will try recruiting members from Quezon because I think it will be very helpful for their practice just by reading the goings on. Who knows they may have much to contribute.


Louis Limjoco, MD, Lucena, Quezon, 2004


All of our surgeons (Dr. Antonio Feliciano, Dr. John Anacan, Dr. Jimmy Lu, and myself) from Ciudad de Zamboanga Hospital are interested to join in the MCCCARS.


Marissa Lim, MD, Ciudad de Zamboanga Hospital, 2004


We will continue to participate in the MCCCARS.  Just send us the protocols.


Alex Cerrillo, MD, Zamboanga City Medical Center, 2004